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Cheese Bars


Backerman’s Cheese Bars 10oz.

Cheese Florets


Backerman’s Cheese Florets 20 Pc.12oz.

Chocolate & Cinnamon Rugelach


Beigel’s Assorted Chocolate Rugelach 24oz.

Chocolate Buns


Backerman’s Chocolate Buns 16oz.

Chocolate Danish


Reisman’s Chocolate Danish 3oz.

Chocolate Pastry Rugelach


Backerman’s Chocolate Pastry Rugelach 13oz.

Chocolate Rugale


Oberlander Home Made Chocolate Rugale 12oz.

Chocolate Rugalech


Reisman’s Mini Brownie Bars 15oz.

Chocolate Rugalech


Green’s Kj Chocolate Rugalech

Chocolate Rugalech


Eli’s Chocolate Rugalech 12oz.

Chocolate Rugelach


Green’s Chocolate Rugalech 14oz.

Chocolate Rugelach


Backerman’s Chocolate Rugelach 12oz.

Chocolate Rugelach


Beigel’s Chocolate Rugelech 14oz.

Chocolate Rugelach


Stern’s Chocolate Rugalech 14oz.

Cinnamon Buns


Stern’s Cinnamon Buns 16oz.

Cinnamon Danish


Stern’s Cinnamon Danish 3oz.

Cinnamon Rugale


Oberlander Home Made Cinnamon Rugale 12oz.

Cinnamon Rugelach


Stern’s Cinnamon Rugalech 12oz.

Cinnamon Rugelach


Beigel’s Cinnamon Rugelech 14oz.

Cinnamon Rugelach


Backerman’s Supreme Cinnamon Rugelach 12oz.

Cinnamon Swirl Danish


Pastry To Go Cinnamon Swirls 8 Pack