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85% Extra Dark Chocolate


Rosemarie Chocolate 3.5oz. – 85% Extra Dark

Assorted Chocolates


Le’ Chocolate Assorted Chocolate 11oz.

Assorted Truffles


Le’ Chocolate Assorted Truffles 14oz.

Bittersweet Chocolate Bar


Elite Bittersweet (Parve) Chocolate 3 oz.

Carob Bar with Crispies


Gold Confection Carob Bar W/Crispies 3oz.

Choco Blanc White Chocolate Bar


Rosemarie Milk Chocolate 3.5oz. – Choco Blank White

Chocolate Bar


Elite Taami Bar 1.4oz.

Chocolate Bar 72% Cocoa


Rosemarie Chocolate 3.5oz. – 72% Cocoa

Chocolate Bar 80% Cacao


Gold Confection 80% Cacao Chocolate Bar 3oz.

Chocolate Bar 80% Cocoa


Gold Confection Sugar Free 80% Cacao Bar 3oz.

Chocolate Bars Mix


Elite Mini Mix Chocolate 14oz. (Bag)

Chocolate Chip


Klik Choclolate Bag Chocolate Chip 2.64oz (Pink)

Chocolate Coated Wafers


Manamit Chocolate 40 Pack Wafers (Blue)

Choko Kid Bag


Klik Mini Choko Kid In The Bag 10 Ct.

Coconut Chocolate Bar


Gold Confection Coconut Chocolate Bar 3oz.



Klik Choclolate Bag Cornflakes 2.64 oz. (Green)

Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar


Elite Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate 3.5oz.