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Captain Crunch Roll


Salmon tempura, mango, sweet potato, cornflake batter topped w crispy kani

Ginger Soy Salmon Roll


Cooked salmon, ginger, teriyaki glaze

Green Dragon Roll


california roll topped with avocado

Krazy Kamikaze Roll


Kani tempura, scallion, avocado, pickled julienne onions topped w kani salad

Naruto Roll


Low carb roll wrapped with cucumber

Rainbow Roll


California roll topped with salmon, tuna, yelowtail, avocado

Showstopper Roll


Salmon salad, kani, tofu confit, black rice topped w guacamole, lotus root

Spider Roll


kani, avocado tempura style

Tempura Remix Roll


Salmon tempura, avocado, onion tempura topped w onion rings, mango salsa

Volcano Roll


Spicy kani, scallions, avocado, cornflake batter topped w pickled julienne onions