Category: Canned Vegetables

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Hearts Of Palm Whole


Gefen Whole Hearts Of Palm 14oz.

Hot Cherry Peppers


Gefen Whole Hot Cherry Peppers 32oz.

Hot Jalapeno Peppers


Lieber’s Hot Jalapeno Peppers 24oz.

Hot Peppers


Bnei Darom Hot Peppers 19oz.

Kernel Corn


Shwartz Whole Kernel Corn 15oz

Mushroom Sliced


Gefen Sliced Mushrooms 8oz



Gefen Mushroom 4oz

Mushrooms Whole


Gefen Whole Mushroom 8oz

Pickeled Eggplant


Galil Pickled Eggplant 23oz.

Pickled Hot Pepper


Gefen Pickled Hot Pepper 17.5oz.

Sliced Beets


Gefen Sliced Beets 15oz

Sliced Carrots


Gefen Sliced Carrots 15 oz.

Whole Kernel Corn


Glick’s Whole Kernel Corn 15oz

Whole Kernel Corn


Gefen Whole Kernel Corn 15oz

Whole Water Chestnuts


Gefen Whole Water Chestnuts 20oz.