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Bunch ‘O Krunch Cereal


Kemach Bunch ‘O Krunch Cereal 16oz.

Chocolate Crisp Granola


General Nature Crisp Granola 12oz. – Chocolate

Chocolate Granola


Sunshine Snack Size Chocolate Granola 1.5oz.

Chocolate Granola


Sunshine Granola – W/ Choco Chips 10oz.

Chocolate Granola


Gold Nut Chocolate Granola 6oz.

Chocolate Granola Bars 8 ct


Gold Confection Granola Choolate Bars 6 Ct.

Coco Roos Cereal


Ungar’s Coco Roos 11.5oz.

Corn Flakes


Kemach Corn Flakes 18oz.

Corn Flakes with Dark Minis Cereal Bar


Shufra Corn Flakes W/Dark Chocolate Cereal Bars 5.25oz.

Crisp Rice


Taanug Crisp Rice 12oz.

Crispy Rice Cereal


Ungar’s Crisp Rice – 12oz.

Crunchy Cinnamon Bites


Kemach Crunchy Cinnamon Bites 12.2oz.